And I still love him….

She was sitting in front of me, fragile, old and weak. She couldn’t walk anymore. She sat on the sofa with the help of a servant. As soon as she sat, she couldn’t utter a single word for her body gasped for breath. Her condition was deteriorating. But, her green eyes beamed brightly and when she smiled, it brought a smile to my face. Her smile looked beautiful on her wrinkled face.

And I asked her, “How have you been?” I saw how vulnerable and alone she was. The pain due to loneliness reflected from her face.

She had a recent accident and got hit by an animal and came to my city for a doctor’s appointment.

I got up to bring in some snacks and coffee, she held my hand and said, “I don’t want anything, I just want you to sit with me and listen.”

Her green eyes conveyed more than her words, and the way she held my hand was unusual.


Becoming Miss Zoya !!

“Thank you for inviting me at your home Miss Zoya,” said the New York Times bestselling author, Mr. Robert Williams.

“It’s a pleasure Mr. Williams. It’s an honour for me that you have chosen to write my biography.” said Miss Zoya.

Both of them were sitting in the garden of Miss Zoya’s mansion located in the greater Vancouver. She built this huge mansion with fairly painted lustrous white walls. The intricate designs on the walls in various places marked a cultural Asian taste.



“For the first time I thought it was love. For the first time I thought, I belonged to someone else. I was twenty four, young and full of life. Studying law, and then I met him.”

“Yeah! the baby is in great condition Mrs. Grewal. Your reports are perfect and I can see the baby making movements,” said the doctor with a perfect smile on her face. She looked satisfied after monitoring the ultrasound screen.


Blood~ A Love Story Part 2

Karan and Nandine were sitting comfortably in the hospital room. Their eyes were glued on the television screen. The latest news ran on the television with the headline” ERONICA STATURES GOES MISSING FROM THE EVENING OF 5TH OF DECEMBER!!, Mr. Statures is an influential businessman who owns major oil firms in greater Vancouver.”

No sooner did Nandine gave a deep look to Karan than there was a sharp knock on the door.

“Mr. Karan, the doctor needs to see you alone,” the nurse said.


Blood~ A Love Story…

It was the evening of 5th of December,2018. It was Nandine and Karan’s first wedding anniversary. No sooner did the needle of the clock struck five p.m., than Nandine got up from her office desk. She felt so blessed that it was their first anniversary. She rushed to the CF Pacific Center, a grand mall in the downtown of Vancouver.

“YEAH! this one looks pretty on me”, Nandine thoughts to herself in the mirror. She wore a bright sparkling green, halter neck evening dress. She couldn’t stop admiring herself when she looked taller with the jade colored block heels and a sparkling diamond choker. She got ready for the evening. She bought a cake, a watch and a bouquet of red roses for the evening.


The Secret

You just have a few moments left,” said the doctor. Her tone was firm yet sad. She felt sorry for the patient lying infront of her. The patient was in her early twenties. The girl looked pale yet beautiful even in the hospital bed. The death bed. Noor was lying in the bed wearing amber coloured medical dress given to the patients. Everbody stood before her eyes. Her parents. Her siblings. And her relatives. She could see everyone going through a different set of emotions. She didn’t want anyone to cry. She knew that she had a few moments left.



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The Greatest Secret

oodevening ma’am! How was your flight?” said Noder presenting a bouquet of fresh roses to Sargun. Noder loaded the luggage into the black Lamborghini and held the door open for his boss Sargun. She slayed in her dress. Her tall legs and fair skin complemented her attitude even more. “Straight to the office.” “Sure ma’am.” No sooner does she reached the office than she ordered everyone to leave her alone in her office. She cried. Weeped more when she glanced at the nameplate of their company reading ‘NOOR&SARGUN CO.’ Her frustration and agony led her to throw away the files from the table. She cried harder. This company, both of them had started together. It had its good and bad times. But, the girls kept faith in themselves and worked hard. And here she was, owning everything. They had name and fame. Both of them were put on the Forbes list of ‘TOP 10 RICHEST PEOPLE’ in the North America.



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Marks of Red

verything went horribly wrong that evening,”said Fadeeha. It had been a week since that incident took place and Fadeeha had been sitting in her room all alone ever since then. Devastated and feeling dejected. she had been sobbing constantly. “Fadeeha, it has been a week since you are sitting in such a state. I have never seen you like this before”, said Fadeeha’s mother demanding an explanation from her daughter. There is silence in Fadeeha’s eyes. “Just tell me what happened that evening that you are so reluctant to get out of your room. You didn’t even get out of your room once since the past week,” said Fadeeha’s mother.



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