My religion or my people?

My religion teaches me humanity;
and to love everyone infinitely,
But, my people who are actually staunch followers of my religion;
Or maybe consider themselves better interpretators of of my religion;
teach me otherwise.
What an irony?
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And years pass by…….

And years pass by,
We grow up,
We fall in love,
We fall out of love,
We get heartbroken,
Yet again fall in love sometime,
In another place,
And another moment.
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Me and my diary….

Me and my diary have started spending time together,
And everything starts to seem beautiful altogether.

Me and my blank pages have started spending time together,
And all the pain seems fading away altogether. 

My diary is blank:
Cannot speak,
But, has started to ease my pain altogether.
It eases me and soaks my tears,
Without any fears.
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Yes! You make her the victim,
Her body has already been assaulted,
Men have shown an animal like behavior to her,
and have climbed on top of her one after the other.
Her body has been scraped into pieces.

And you,
You, my dear society: blame her for this.
She was a victim that day,
and you make her a victim every day.

Her body has been assaulted,
Her body has been bruised,
Her body is in pain,
She is fighting with herself!
And you, my dear society,
You make her invaluable:
For she is not pure anymore.

Will you love me?

Will you love me?
Will you love me if I confess.
Or if say yes, "I'm in love!",
Will you say a "Yes?".

Or may I keep my thoughts to myself?
Will you walk with me throughout my life?
Or will you leave me in between:
and leave me alone to walk the rest of the path myself.
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Is it love?

A young girl, turns into a young woman from a girl,
And from braid she loves her hair to get curl.
She fumbles through her thoughts to find answers to her questions.
She sits in the warming night, on her rocking chair feeling her thoughts.
Her feelings are unknown even to her.
The answer that her heart tries to unscramble is that is it just the attraction?
Or is it love?

Thousand Sleepless Nights!!

Thousand sleepless nights,
Thousand memories,
Thousand questions,
Mind is unsettled and heart restless.
Dealing with this phase of life is unusual,
Ache in the heart, sadness in the heart.
Heart is about to die, the fuel that runs the heart 
is all exhausted now.
But, the hope says "babygirl!! Try one more time."
This hope works as a tonic, as a medicine.
Dealing with unhappiness is not easy,
Yet the conscious efforts will lead to something I know.


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Life is but a short journey !!

Love before you die,
Love now because when it's time to go,
 you won't even get a chance to say your last goodbye,
Live with happiness and spread kindness,
For today we are alive, tomorrow we will be in the photos, 
Life is but a short journey.

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A tribute to my father…

Dear dad, it's been seven months,
But, wounds in my heart, still young.
Felt blessed to have you in my life,
From "I'm done with this life" to
 "I'll make this life worth living, 
I've come so far.

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