My religion teaches me humanity;
and to love everyone infinitely,
But, my people who are actually staunch followers of my religion;
Or maybe consider themselves better interpretators of of my religion;
teach me otherwise.
What an irony?

My religion teaches me- love people impartially,
But my people teach me- love someone of your race,
love someone of 'your standard',
But the literature of my religion introduces the concept of humanity
and the virtue of being unbiased.

My religion teaches me to sit down at the floor, 
and eat with people impartially;
But my people teach me:
make relationships with people of your race,
of same financial stability as you;
But, my religion teaches me to help those whom are less privileged than me,
And the irony is;
my people, they consider themselves better interpretators of my religion.

My religion teaches me the value of humbleness 
and the power of being grounded;
But, my people teach me otherwise,
The best part is;
they know religion better than me.
What should I do?
A young kid who's trying to make sense out of this world.
Who should I believe?
Where should I learn from?
My religion;
which is of humanity,
Or my people;
who consider themselves better interpretators.....

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