And years pass by,
We grow up,
We fall in love,
We fall out of love,
We get heartbroken,
Yet again fall in love sometime,
In another place,
And another moment.

We lose our loved ones,
We lose our  friends,
And we lose moments too,
We live in our bodies but die in our souls,
We enjoy ;
and feel the brink of happiness,
We break down;
and experience the unbearable
 amount of sadness ;
Yet, get up again and
lift ourselves.

We learn and unlearn certain things,
We love and unlove certain people,
We build and unbuild certain relationships,
And then: the time flies.

Another time we sit again to relive those moments
Only to find that those moments are all gone now,
But, the memories are their very incarnation,
Some sweet as honey and other tough as rock.

We make mistakes and learn to forgive ourselves,
For eventually we can't hold we can't hold onto certain things.

We become heroes in some people's lives 
and villains in other people's lives,
We reflect, do certain crazy things,

And it feels like it was all yesterday,
And then years pass by,
All we have in our accumulated wealth is 
a few memories close to our hearts,
And years pass by,

First, we thought: success was a certain point,
Only later to realize that success and life are a process,
Are a journey
rather than a destination.

And then after all those years,
We stand close to death,
We can see it coming and consuming us,
And all the worldly pleasures: 
we leave them here,
And all the beautiful relationships:
we leave them here,

And, we look back and see,
How far we have come,
We have travelled this far 
to meet this person named

And years pass by.......

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