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Karan and Nandine were sitting comfortably in the hospital room. Their eyes were glued on the television screen. The latest news ran on the television with the headline ” ERONICA STATURES GOES MISSING FROM THE EVENING OF 5TH OF DECEMBER !! , Mr. Statures is an influential businessman who owns major oil firms in greater Vancouver.”

No sooner did Nandine gave a deep look to Karan than there was a sharp knock on the door.

“Mr. Karan, the doctor needs to see you alone,” the nurse said.

“I’ll be back honey!” and Karan followed the nurse to the doctor’s cabin.

“HEY Mr. Karan, have a seat please.”

“Thank you doctor.”

” YEAH! So tell me what happened exactly with your wife.”

“Okay! So, it was 5th of DECEMBER, it was the evening of our wedding anniversary and I had planned a surprise for her. And when I reached home, she was lying down unconscious on the floor in the study room.”

“Okay Karan, did you notice anything strange about your house’s condition?”

“Absolutely not sir. There was just my beautiful wife dressed in a pretty evening dress lying down unconscious on the floor. All my books, journals, and my files were in a perfect place.”

The doctor extends out a piece of paper to Karan and says, ”Here, when I talked to your wife, she told me that she saw blood. She was certain that she saw blood in the room. On further questioning her, she told me a bit about her past experiences. And after having a conversation with you about that evening, now I can confirm the diagnosis. Your wife is suffering from delusional disorder. This is a rare mental condition in which a person hallucinates and starts to imagine situations which are not real. This could have arisen from extreme stressful and anxious situations which she may have produced in her head. This could be due to her extremely sensitive behavior. Therefore, I’ve put your wife on medications and the good news is that you can take her home now.”

“Yeah! my wife is extremely innocent and sensitive. She gets emotionally involved in the things and is extremely sensitive about it. Thank you sir, I really appreciate you for treating her.”

Taking the prescriptions from the doctor, Karan walks through the white walls of the hospital corridor to Nandine’s room. And when he opens the door, he finds her eyes glued to the television. She looked so innocent and beautiful while watching ERONICA STATURES’ news.

“Hey honey! I have a good news for you.”

No sooner does she hears his voice than she turns off the television.

“What is it?”

“We can go home now. You are discharged.”

“Wow! I’m excited to leave this hospital.”

And then he helps Nandine to the car. He opens the door for her and she sits. He starts to drive and both of them sit in deep silence. Nandine looks out of the window and admires the beauty of night. She constantly stares out of the window. He looks straight on the road, completely lost in his driving. Both of them don’t exchange any words. The roads of the Vancouver looked extravagantly beautiful at night. The roads reflected with vibrant colors due to frequent raining in the city. This city had a different aura. A place of undefined beauty.

Both of them are sitting in deep silence until Karan stopped the car.

Nandine is staring outside of the car, completely oblivious until her husband says, “Here, take this, I grabbed coffee for you.” She takes the coffee and is still staring outside the window.

Karan is also lost in drinking his coffee.

“Something is bothering me. I want to ask you something.”

And his he keeps his coffee on the dashboard of the car. His attention completely shifts to his wife. “Yeah! Go ahead and ask me whatever you want to.”

“Do you love me?”

And he feels little confused and is little troubled when his wife asks him such a lame question to him.

“Why do you think I married you? Of course, I love you. I have loved you more than anything else in my life.”

“Okay, so would you leave me now because I have a delusional disorder?”

“Who told you that you have delusional disorder?”

“Doesn’t matter. Just tell me would leave me now?”

“NO!! I WOULD NOT LEAVE YOU!” shouted Karan in an irritated voice.

“Why not?”

“Because I love you.”

He gets irritated when she asks him such questions but then he remembers that she has just been discharged from the hospital. So, he calms down and says,” Look Nandine, let me tell you, that I LOVE YOU, and I would never leave you. Do you get it.?”

“Okay,” she says and then she smiles. Karan continues to drive home.

She looks lost. Lost in her thoughts. It seems something is troubling her.

Karan was a different person. He had always been different from other people. Dedicated and determined. Another trait that made him stand apart from the crowd is his justness. He always took a stand for what’s right. He always stood up for honesty fearlessly. He valued people. He valued morals. And he never compromised with his morals and ethics in his life. That’s the reason people respected him so much. He never took success to his mind. He was a role model to a lot of people not only for his professional success but also for who he was as a person. A person who never thought twice before standing out for something that was right. He was very unbiased and impartial.

Soon, they reach home. Eleanor opens the door for them. He has flowers in his hands and hands it to Nandine and says, “Welcome home ma’am. I’m so happy that you are well now.”

Taking the flowers from Eleanor, Nandine thanks him and walks to her room. At other times, she would always ask about Eleanor’s family and well being. But, today she didn’t ask anything. She was cold in her behavior. She walked straight into her room.

As usual, Karan went to the study room to do his research for the next day. While searching for his file, he came across a white envelope in the drawer. No sooner did he open it than he was awestruck. He was shocked. He couldn’t understand anything. He was trying to make out the sense from the photographs that he saw. He was confused.

“NANDINE !! NANDINE!!” he shouted her name.

And when she came into the room, she saw him standing there with the pictures. She didn’t panic. She was not ashamed. She was not scared. She stood there calmly.

” I want to tell you something. After listening to what I have to tell you, I know you’ll leave me. I know you’ll hate me. I know I’ll be in a terrible situation after I tell you this. But it’s okay, I cannot keep secrets from you anymore.”

Karan patiently waits for what she has to tell. He looks very tensed and troubled. His heartbeat increases and he starts breathing heavily.

” Those photographs that you have in your hand. I killed all of them. I killed ERONICA STATURES. People think that all of them are missing till date, latest one is Mr. STATURES. I did all those eight murders and their body is in such a place that nobody could ever find it. So, the government had to close all these cases that just says MISSING on them because they didn’t even find the bodies to declare it as a murder.”

On hearing this, Karan was dumbfounded. His eyes became wide opened and he felt something unusual happening in his body. The envelope fell from his hand. He couldn’t believe his ears. He was completely shocked.

“So, this innocent lovely wife of yours, is a serial killer Karan. I’m A BLOODY SERIAL KILLER!!” Nandine shouts this and starts crying loudly. She couldn’t contain herself. She loved him so much. But, she could see everything going away from her. The only positive thing she had in her life was her love for him. And now she knew that he would leave her. Because he was such a just person. There was no way that now he would live with her.

On hearing this, Karan had tears in his eyes. He felt so bad and struck. He felt helpless.

He wipes his tears and walks towards his wife, he held her hand and says, “Look Nandine, I don’t know what to say. I will not even ask you why you did it and why you kept a secret from me. But what I know is that this is not right. Taking someone’s life is not right. But, look what you have made me. I can’t believe this. I know what you have done is extremely wrong. This is just not acceptable. But, the thought of leaving you scares me even more. I love to this extent that I have decided to given up on my justness and morals. Had there been anyone else but you, I would have reported to the cops. And now, I’ll become a part of your crime by keeping it a secret. I love you and I will not leave you Nandine. I don’t care if you are a serial killer. I’ll drag you out from all of this. I’ll protect you no matter what, and that’s my promise.”

On hearing this, Nandine cries and hugs her husband tightly.

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