Yes! You make her the victim,
Her body has already been assaulted,
Men have shown an animal like behavior to her,
and have climbed on top of her one after the other.
Her body has been scraped into pieces.

And you,
You, my dear society: blame her for this.
She was a victim that day,
and you make her a victim every day.

Her body has been assaulted,
Her body has been bruised,
Her body is in pain,
She is fighting with herself!
And you, my dear society,
You make her invaluable:
For she is not pure anymore.

For your standards of purity 
lie in her virginity,
For you teach your sons to find
virgin brides for themselves,
For your standards of purity 
lie in between her legs and
not in her heart.

Yes! She is a rape victim.
You make her the victim.
Her body was assaulted that day,
You, assault her mind every day.

You! my dear society,
who look at her with pitiful eyes;
Whisper in each other's ears and 
talk about her rape while she is walking.
It's you who make her feel uncomfortable.

It's because of you, that every night
she shuts the door of her room and cries,
and tries to kill herself.
I blame you for this.

It's because of you, that she gets hard on herself
in the shower;
tries to rub her body hard,
and her mind harder.

Thinking that this water will wash away 
all the memories of that night,
Will erase the trauma from her life.
But, you put a stigma on her.

She is hurt,
She has lost herself,
her inner strength,
her ability to fight.

She needs your love.
She needs the same respect that
 she had before that night.

Her body may have been bruised that night,
But her modesty lives,
And will continue to live forever.

For her modesty does not lie in between her legs,
But in her heart,
In her mind.
Modesty lies in her soul.

She yearns acceptance from you,
She was raped once that night.
And you, my dear society,
You rape her everyday.

Those vulgar questions that she
is constantly asked,
Have you ever thought;
it kills her every single moment.
Every single night,
She cannot sleep because the hard memories of 
that night floods into her head.

Have you ever thought;
how many times she tried to kill herself;
even when she knew it wasn't her fault.

Instead of helping her,
You, my dear society,
You question her dress sense,
Your question her love for alcohol,
You question her innocence,
You question her character,
Even worse,
You question her 'normalcy'.

You, my dear society,
You warn your sons to stay away from her,
You bar your sons from loving her,
For she is not a virgin anymore.
For you, her modesty lies in between her legs;
and not in her heart.

She was raped once that night,
And you my dear society:
you raped her ever since then,
and will continue to do so.

That night is long gone.
But, it's my humble request to you,
that you;
My dear society,
"You stop raping her!"

She dealt with the rape that night 
Don't make her deal with it every day

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