It was the evening of 5th of December,2018. It was Nandine and Karan’s first wedding anniversary. No sooner did the needle of the clock struck five p.m., than Nandine got up from her office desk. She felt so blessed that it was their first anniversary. She rushed to the CF Pacific Center, a grand mall in the downtown of Vancouver.

“YEAH! this one looks pretty on me”, Nandine thoughts to herself in the mirror. She wore a bright sparkling green, halter neck evening dress. She couldn’t stop admiring herself when she looked taller with the jade colored block heels and a sparkling diamond choker. She got ready for the evening. She bought a cake, a watch and a bouquet of red roses for the evening.

It was already six by now. Walking down the road, Nandine was thinking about how she met Karan, one and a half years back, at a pub when she was partying with her friends. And after six months, they became man and wife. Ever since then, it had been fairytale romance for them. Both of them had been living a perfect life since then.

With excitement in her heart and with the presents in her hand, she opens the door of their bungalow. “KARAN! HEY honey, Where are you?”

The bungalow was completely empty. Their was utter silence. She got a little anxious on not finding her husband in the living room. Neither was he in the kitchen. And today, she looked way more beautiful than she ever looked before. Her blue eyes sparkled. They were anxiously searching for him. She had spent her valuable amount of hours planning their first anniversary.

“Karan! I know you are doing this to surprise me. Please! Don’t hide. It’s already seven and we need to celebrate our first anniversary.” shout Nandine.

She becomes little confused on the smell of something vague from the study room. Her head starts to spin and she starts feeling dizzy.

Karan had achieved so much for his age. In twenties, most of the people start their career whereas Karan had an award of ‘EMERGING ENTERPRENUER OF THE YEAR’ to his name. Not only was he successful in his professional life but also his love life was great. The first time he saw his wife, he fell in love with her. The night he saw her at the party, he felt a connection with her. Somewhere, deep down his heart, he knew that this girl would become his life one day.

He spent most of the time in his study room researching and planning on his various business strategies.

No sooner does she walks into the study room than she screams. She yells loudly and then faints. She becomes unconscious.

“YES! She is in her senses now. You can meet her. But, don’t talk to her about anything that makes her anxious.” said the Doctor.

“This way sir.” said nurse guiding Karan to his wife’s room.

Karan was a proper asain guy with blunt indian features and a remarkable voice. His personality was exceptionally influential. People couldn’t stop gazing at him while he walked.

“Thank you ma’am for escorting me.”

Karan opens the door and sits beside his wife, and looks at her. She looked even more beautiful in this hospital dress. Ever since he married her, he has been falling in love with her every single moment. She was his life. He couldn’t stop staring at her. She looked way more beautiful with her eyes closed. She looked so innocent and serene.

“Nandine” whispers Karan whilst rubbing her forehead.

On hearing his voice, she opens her eyes. Hardly had she opened her eyes when she burst into tears. She screamed loudly ‘KARAN!’.

“Hey honey! why are you crying? everything is alright.

She couldn’t stop crying and hugs her husband tightly.

“I thought I would never see you again.”

Both of them looked madly in love whilst sitting in the walls of that hospital room.

“Why would you think that you’ll never see me again?”

“That day, in the study room, I saw a pool of blood. There was a lot of fresh blood there.”

“No Nandine! I think you are not okay.”

“No Karan, I’m telling you I saw blood and maybe there I saw a dead body as well.”

“No Nandine. That can’t be true.”

“Yeah! that is true Karan. I clearly remember I saw blood and its smell, I couldn’t take it. The smell of the blood was the worst part.”

“Hey look! On the evening of fifth of December, it was our anniversary. I was busy planning a surprise party for you at Marvel’s resort. When I drove to our home right around seven, I was looking for you. I called out your name a several times. I searched for you in the kitchen and in the living area. And I was shocked when I went into the study room. I found you lying down on the floor unconscious. I quickly picked you up and I brought you to the hospital. But, my love, there was nothing that I found suspicious in the house. And there was no blood. The floor was perfectly clean.”

On hearing this Nandine gets restless.

“Karan! Do you think I’m lying. I can clearly remember that there was blood and maybe there was a body too.”

“No baby! I think you need rest.”


11 thoughts on “BLOOD~ A LOVE STORY !!

  1. I like the flow here the transition from one imagery to the imagery while maintaining the same flow requires a certain degree of finesse. Excellently executed.


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