Thousand sleepless nights,
Thousand memories,
Thousand questions,
Mind is unsettled and heart restless.
Dealing with this phase of life is unusual,
Ache in the heart, sadness in the heart.
Heart is about to die, the fuel that runs the heart 
is all exhausted now.
But, the hope says "babygirl!! Try one more time."
This hope works as a tonic, as a medicine.
Dealing with unhappiness is not easy,
Yet the conscious efforts will lead to something I know.
Where the course and path of life is taking 
me is unanswered; 
Thousand sleepless nights,
Thousand thoughts invading the heart and mind.
Sometimes, it's the craziness that melts the 
heart down.
And the hope yet works as a drug!!
Embracing self love,
Trying to make sense out of the world,
Realising that time is less,
From where is this sadness born and
unhappiness born.
It's origin is yet unknown.
Thousand memories invading my heart continuously 
and are actually painful and beautiful.
World is a beautiful place to live in,
Suddenly, every single person seems 
unique and special to me,
Heart says,"Girl! Go and help them out!"
"But, before helping others, you need yourself Noor!!,
help yourself, embrace yourself, you'll be fine," yells
out my heart to me.
Thousand sleepless night,
Thousand memories,
Thousand tears and
Thousand unanswered questions.
Words are flowing out of my heart one after
the other.
Don't know where the course of life is 
taking me.
I feel that I have less time,
says my gut.
Thousand sleepless nights,
Thousand unanswered questions,
Heart restless.
At times, Heart just wants to embrace the emotions 
and unhappiness in an unusual way,
Dancing madly to my own tunes, with
earphones on,
Dancing to fall in love with my inner 
soul yet again,
This way of dealing with unhappiness is
unusual yet beautiful,
Dancing to celebrate the"party" of life,
Dancing to pour out the love into the
Dancing to rest my heart,
Dancing to help my mind,
Dancing to help my body.
This dance again works as a drug!!
As a hope!!
As an escape from piercing pain.
Though for a few moments,
And the unhappiness invades yet again.
Thousand sleepless nights would turn 
into a peaceful sleep one day,
Thousand unanswered questions would 
be answered one day,
Thousand memories would be settled
one day,
And that day, I'll be in a long sleep,
Never to be woken up ever again,
Never to be able to see myself or
the world ever again,
There would be people sitting around me,
Crying and Wiping their tears,
Saying "Wish! you had some more time
That day, I'd look way more beautiful than
I ever looked beautiful.
I would be lying down, unable to speak and
thinking to myself "Oh!!! IT WAS A GOOD LIFE!!"
People would be crying and praying,
But I will want to say,"Don't weep, but PARTY!!,
let me go gracefully!!"
This was a beautiful journey and gave me much
more than I ever deserved.
"Don't weep, it's okay, my part was only till here
with you!! I need to go and I am happy to go!!"

7 thoughts on “Thousand Sleepless Nights !!

  1. One feels so connected while reading this… no fancy words, just a bit if reminder that you are amazinggg πŸ’—


  2. Very good didiπŸ‘πŸ‘
    Your feelings are penned very beautifully πŸ’ž
    Touched my heart ..
    Keep it upπŸ‘


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