Dear dad, it's been seven months,
But, wounds in my heart, still young.
Felt blessed to have you in my life,
From "I'm done with this life" to
 "I'll make this life worth living, 
I've come so far.
People see me with sympathetic eyes,
I thank them for their kindness yet
 I want to portray a clear picture that
"I don't want sympathy",
"I'm a strong young woman."
Remembering those days, 
tears roll down all the way through my face,
I wipe them yet again,
And again and still feel grateful that 
'atleast' I had you in my life.
The course of pain has yet changed,
 has yet transformed.
Amount of pain cannot be measured but can be dealt 
and felt in whichever way I want it to go.
Few months back, I used to wait all day and 
would run at my heels to open the door for you,
My lips would make a perfect one- eighty degree 
angle upon seeing you,
My lips still make a one- eighty degree angle,
 but this angle is for the memories that we made.
For the days spent together,
For the time spent together,
For those conversations that both of us had; 
unaware of the fact that those conversations
 would end so soon.
From a kid, I've grown up into an adult now,
Dealing with pain and life somehow.
The places and people are all the same,
The only difference is that I see them alone now.
Few months back, the front seats of the car 
were occupied by both of us,
And now, it's me alone.
Few months back, I would wait for you to come home,
Wait is still the same,
The only difference is that now I wait 
for you to come in my dreams.
The course of pain is yet changed,
Only to be embedded in my heart more deeply 
with every passing moment.
But now, I've learnt to deal with it with a 
beautiful curve spread across my lips.
Yet, the meaning of life has changed for me now,
A promise is made to my inner soul by my mind
 that I'll make this life worth living,
I'll pour meaning into it,
I'll pour love into it,
And I'll pour kindness into it.
Life will continue till my time comes,
Only difference is that I value it more now.
I value memories more now,
I value precious moments more now,
I value the beauty of relationships more now.
'Gratefulness' and 'Mindfulness' have become 
my two new best friends now.
I miss you dad!
Every single moment,
But, I'm grateful to god that out of 
the whole world he chose me to be your daughter. 

18 thoughts on “A tribute to my father !!

  1. I just loved the way how you portrayed your feelings in these beautiful words…. felt a connection! Sending you warmth! Keep writing and expressing… πŸ’—


  2. This is so touching. You are the strongest person I know! I probably can’t even imagine how hard it is for you but reading this made me cry!


    1. You have the gift of writing.
      Continue the path on which you are going and surely will achieve great things.
      God bless you.


      1. This kind of love and support means a lot to me!! Your support encourage me to write more !!! Thank you 😊 and keep giving ur blessings


  3. Didi…it touched my heart seriously πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί…Really its tribute to every father…πŸ™
    Great work πŸ‘
    Keep up the good work πŸ™
    Waiting for the next one…


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