I ask this world and all the people out there what acceptance means to you? A simple word with a simple dictionary meaning, yet so complicated in the form. A word which has a lot to itself.

Struggles are a tough part of life. Every single being on this earth is struggling. Life is hard for a two year old, for a teenager, for an adult and for an old man as well. But, acceptance has the POWER to LESSEN not only your own hardships but also of the other person.

The most tedious part which almost everyone of us go through is accepting ourselves. ACCEPT YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE. Cherish it. Enjoy the beauty of it. Analyse yourself and then change what you don’t like for everything in this world can be FIXED AS LONG AS YOU ARE ALIVE. Not accepting yourself is analogous to lying to your own self.

Accept if love someone. Accept if your sexual preferences are different from that of others. Accept is you are depressed. Accept if you feel unloved. Accept if you have low self esteem. Accept if you have weight issues. Accept if you feel lonely. Accept if you feel scared. Accept if you get rejected by someone. Accept yourself and love yourself the way you are. AFTER ACCEPTING IT, GO THROUGH A PATH OF TRANSFORMATION FOR A POSITIVE CHANGE.

As a society, we need to accept other people the way they are. We need to accept and respect people the way they are. A rape victim, a disabled person, a depressed person, a homeless person and a prostitute, all of them deserve to be accepted and respected equally. We, as a society have to be inclusive. It is rather our duty to make this place a better place than before. It is our duty to make them feel better. To help them and tell them that “DARLING!!! YOU WILL BE OKAY.”


16 thoughts on “Beauty Of Acceptance…..

  1. After reading it, I am one step ahead towards acceptance. Now I am positive to accept the mistakes of others as well as mine too. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes . Keep posting positive views.


  2. True it is …. between right and wrong choose right…and between right/truth and kindness..choose kindness… everyone is not ready or have developed the ability to accept..so be kind to them and to yourselves


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