“Goodevening ma’am! How was your flight?” said Noder presenting a bouquet of fresh roses to Sargun. Noder loaded the luggage into the black Lamborghini and held the door open for his boss Sargun. She slayed in her dress. Her tall legs and fair skin complemented her attitude even more. “Straight to the office.” “Sure ma’am.” No sooner does she reached the office than she ordered everyone to leave her alone in her office. She cried. Weeped more when she glanced at the nameplate of their company reading ‘NOOR&SARGUN CO.’ Her frustration and agony led her to throw away the files from the table. She cried harder. This company, both of them had started together. It had its good and bad times. But, the girls kept faith in themselves and worked hard. And here she was, owning everything. They had name and fame. Both of them were put on the Forbes list of ‘TOP 10 RICHEST PEOPLE’ in the North America.

Sargun now felt cheated by god that Noor left her. Never in her wildest dream did she ever think of something like this. Noor looked after the office in India and other asian countries. The offices of the company were extended to twenty four different countries. Their company was awarded several times. Sargun couldn’t control her emotions. She felt weak and lonely inside but didn’t want to show her pain to the world. Hence, she dressed up so elegantly and behaved normally in the outer world. Her heart was broken into numerous pieces. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Sorry to disturb you ma’am, but this parcel arrived few days ago while you were in india.” “Thanks for the parcel and cancel all my meetings for today.” “Sure ma’am.”

“And mark my clear instructions, I don’t want anyone to disturb me today.” After the employee leaves, Sargun glances at the packet. It had her name on it and Vancouver’s address. The postal address was from India, somewhere in Punjab. The sender’s name was not there. She put the packet aside as she wanted to grieve for her friend, for her other half. She sat alone in silence, dejected and depressed. She just wanted to grieve in silence but the white parcel on the table became a distraction. Her curiosity to open that parcel grew more because it was sent from Punjab, where her beloved friend died. Also, a place which made her a killer. The packet grabbed her attention so much that she felt the sudden urge to open it.

As soon as she opened it, it had a note which read “I worked as a RAW AGENT in Yemen. And further you’ll find an envelope in this box which has some photographs. Make me a shareholder of EIGHTY PERCENT of your company and come to meet me in Marksman village, Maron road, Punjab at once after you see the pictures. Have a good day!.”

At first she thought it was funny and somebody played a prank. And then, she suddenly remembered MARKSMAN VILLAGE, PUNJAB. The same place where she murdered the person. She fumbled for the envelope in the box and quickly opened it. “OH NO!!!” she screamed so hard after looking at the photographs. She became numb. Her lips grew white. With her trembling fingers, she took a glass of water and gulped it down her throat. She gathered herself and sat on the chair. Only after a couple of minutes, her cerebrum started working. Her emotions began to change. Everything made sense to her now. Even in her grieving period, she felt happy and grateful. Now she knew who the person was and why she killed him and which GREATEST SECRET Noor was referring to in her letter.

In 2005, in the struggling years of their company, Yemen’s President invited the girls for lunch. He proposed the girls with a business deal wherein he asked the girls to pay him 15000 million dollars and he would set up an oil manufacturing plant in Yemen with it. “15000 million is too much.” said Sargun. “Doesn’t matter Sargun, we can raise that money by dropping a company’s share price.”said Noor. Soon, within a few months, they paid 15000 million dollars to him in the hope that the oil plant would benefit their company greatly.

“STOP IT NOOR!! He is the PRESIDENT,”said Sargun. “SO WHAT? He did wrong to us, I’ll do the double wrong to him,” replied Noor. “BUT………” “You have to come with me. OKAY? Otherwise I’ll do it alone.” The President had kept all that money and had set up a juice factory instead using one million dollar merely thinking that these young girls could do nothing as he was THE PRESIDENT OF YEMEN, a man of great political influence.

Noor always had immense interest in studying chemicals. In 2006, Noor and Sargun sat in their hotel room in Yemen. “Here, take these!” said Sargun handling over powedered arsenic. “Small amount of this affects brain,” said Noor putting the powder into the test tube. After that, she put 5 different types of herbs ,which she got from the fields of Assam, India, into the test tube. “With this, Mr. President will gradually turn mad and this wouldn’t be detected from his blood,”said Noor. “Good job! Noor. Now let’s invite him to a Chinese restaurant and we will put this in the Hakka noodles,”said Sargun. They decided to dine out and not in their hotel in order to leave no clue of suspicion for anyone.

“Thank you for the lunch girls! Your company will greatly benefit from this juice factory,” said the President. “Thank you for all your help Sir and we look forward to much more,”said Sargun. Gradually, the President lost his mental health and was mad for the rest of his life. His blood samples proved nothing.

Nobody ever knew anything but this RAW AGENT found out the truth from his investigation. After five long years, he blackmailed both of them with these photographs which he sent to Sargun. With a lighter, Sargun burnt these photographs of Noor, Sargun and the President dining in the Chinese restaurant. And the only man who knew their GREATEST SECRET was dead. Sargun shot him straight on the head.

8 thoughts on “The Greatest Secret

  1. Wow! I was so satisfied by the end of the story, very nicely put together and very intriguing as well. All my questions were gradually answered and by the end, the story felt complete.
    Can’t wait for your next one, Write soon please!!


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