“Everything went horribly wrong that evening,”said Fadeeha. It had been a week since that incident took place and Fadeeha had been sitting in her room all alone ever since then. Devastated and feeling dejected. she had been sobbing constantly. “Fadeeha, it has been a week since you are sitting in such a state. I have never seen you like this before”, said Fadeeha’s mother demanding an explanation from her daughter. There is silence in Fadeeha’s eyes. “Just tell me what happened that evening that you are so reluctant to get out of your room. You didn’t even get out of your room once since the past week,” said Fadeeha’s mother.

Kartar was Fadeeha’s best friend. At this point of time, he didn’t leave his best friend. Instead he was sitting beside her and held her hand and said, “Let it out ! tell your mother whatever happened and cry as loudly as you want to. I and your mom, we both are here for you.” Kartar was trying his best to comfort his friend.

Fadeeha nodded and calmed herself down, gathered courage and decided to narrate that evening to her mother. “Mumma ! that was a perfect evening. It was Somani’s birthday party. She had organised a grand party wherein she invited all of her relatives and friends. I was so excited for the feast that I got a pretty white dress stiched and bought a pair of matching high heels.” Having said that her face reddened and she started weeping and howling loudly in utmost mental agony. She completely broke down. That incident had affected her so gravely that she was deeply disturbed.

“Here ! sip this water and speak up Fadeeha ! let it out. It is important for you to let it out and lighten your heavy heart”, said Kartar handing her a glass of water. She continued, “Then, we were all dancing and enjoying when suddenly, i heard a strange remark ‘Oh my god! Look at that girl in the white dress. It’s all spoiled with blood’, said a lady in her early forties. No sooner did I look at my dress than I saw that it was all stained. I was embarrassed and disappointed. I was menstruating. My cycle had begun out of the dates completely and I had no clue that my dress was stained until that lady drew everybody’s attention to me. Then another lady shouted, ‘Such a shameless girl ! she cannot even take of herself and on top of that she is dancing.’

” By now, everybody had their eyes on me and there were all kinds of gossips in the crowd. Some of them even made fun of me. I stood there blank, expressionless and shocked. I was crying in utter embarrassment. I had no clue how the fuck I was supposed to behave in such a situation. There I stood crying in my ivory stained dress. Then Kartar came and rescued me. No sooner did he come and gave me his overcoat to me that I covered my dress. Having done that, he looked fiercely into that lady’s eyes and said,’ I never thought that one woman can insult another woman like that. Instead of helping her, you are embarrassing her infront of everyone. Then, he wiped my tears off and said, ‘It’s fine Fadeeha! It’s natural, if that wouldn’t happened to women then none of us would have existed.’ He held my hand and took me out of there and brought me home. “

Fadeeha felt relieved after narrating the story to her mother. “Come Fadeeha ! I want to take you somewhere”, said Kartar. Looking into his eyes Fadeeha couldn’t say no to her friend. Then, Kartar took her to the car and drove off. He took Fadeeha to a mental hospital. “Look Fadeeha! see how people are suffering and their parents are strong enough to help them and admit that their children are not mentally fit. They are not embarrassed of their children”, said Kartar.

Fadeeha’s eyes welled up and she said,” Thank you Kartar for everything. Thank you helping me out that evening and thank for being with me today. Now, I have understood your point that I should not be embarrassed for whatever happened. Because that situation was not under my control.”

10 thoughts on “Marks of Red

  1. Noor, i love the way you write all your stories. Reading them, makes me so indulged in them! Keep up the good work, and keep on posting! I’ll love to read more and more and get involved with your work! Good luck 🙂


  2. Nicely penned. The story is full of curiosity and emotions. Also a bitter truth of our society that one woman tries to pull down another woman. Great thought with a good start. Keep it up, lots of love and blessings for your upcoming efforts.😊


  3. Didi….your writing is beautiful and filled with curiosity… It inspired me…I liked ur style of writing very much….Keep up the good work 👍
    Waiting eagerly for ur next story writing 😊Good luck


  4. Very well written and great thoughts with a great opening of the story and a great ending as well! Amazingly portrayed, and the characters are well-developed. So proud of you, keep it up and I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work.


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  7. Beautiful writing & story telling narrative! I would recommend this to a lot of teenagers and parents, especially and to people who just love to read short meaningful stories!


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